El Comal – Great Tortilla Chips

Back during the summer, we were down at the River District Farmers Market when we came across Green Machine Catering selling some of their addictive hot sauce. While we enjoyed their hot sauce, we were really impressed by the thin tortilla chips that they were using to sample their sauces. We asked where he got them from and he mentioned that they were from a local shop in Burnaby.

So, with the power of the interweb, I managed to find El Comal located in the industrial area around Burnaby Lake. Better still, I found out that they have a small little deli as well and headed here for lunch one day. It’s a good thing that I looked it up beforehand because I would have driven right past the place (it’s fairly non-descript from the road and there are plenty of trees that obscure the area).

The interior has both individual tables as well as a long communal table and there’s plenty of Mexican food products that you can purchase… including the tortilla chips that I was searching for ($7.50 for 2 large bags of chips).


I decided to try the Taco Combo ($8.09) with Hibiscus Jarritos ($2.25). The taco plate came with beans and rice and I opted for the beef, pork and chorizo. Overall, the pork was the most flavourful of the bunch and my favourite. Although I found that the soft tortilla shells that they used here fell apart quite easily… the beef taco split right down the middle and I wound up having to use a fork to eat it.


Overall, well worth the visit just to pick up the tortilla chips. I’ll probably be back to try out some of their other grub.

7650 Winston Street
Burnaby, BC


El Comal on Urbanspoon


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  1. Interesting that the tortillas on your tacos fell apart. I make fish tacos at home and always use El Comal’s white corn tortillas because they DON’T fall apart. Go figure!

  2. And PS thanks for pointing out the El Comal deli — they have pozole! I’m so there.

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