Kent’s Kitchen – Greasy and Satisfying

There’s a reason why I don’t visit the mini mall located on the corner of Victoria and E 41st… the parking lot (or more precisely the bad drivers in the parking lot) is super crazy. If I come here, I make sure to park as far away as possible and then walk in.

What’s in this tiny mini mall you may ask? Well, Kent’s Kitchen for one. Kent’s is super busy all the time and it’s no wonder why… the prices are pretty good and the serving sizes are plenty generous. It’s almost a bit overwhelming when you first walk inside due to all of the choices. I originally wanted to order the pork belly from the menu on the wall but, apparently, they only have that on the weekends.


Instead, I settled for the $6.75 combo with chow fun (flat rice noodle) and fried pork chops. The dish came with an ample supply of tofu, mushrooms, squid, and fish balls. If you don’t mind greasy food, you’ll most likely be satisfied here.


5659 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Kent's Kitchen 權記外賣小菜館 on Urbanspoon

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