Maxim’s (Victoria Drive)

Across the parking lot from Kent’s Kitchen is Maxim’s. There was a time, many moons ago, that Maxim’s was known as the place to go to get good Chinese pastries… so much so that they expanded into a number of locations outside of Chinatown.

Nowadays, there’s plenty of places where you can buy Chinese pastries and Maxim’s isn’t necessarily at the top of the pack anymore.


Clockwise from top-left: bbq pork bun, chicken bun, bbq pork pineapple bun, curry beef puff, egg tart, chocolate triangle, and chicken pie in the middle.

The buns at Maxim’s seem a lot smaller in size than I remember and the fillings weren’t very generous either. If this is typical of Maxim’s now, it’s not a good sign.


I’d much rather head over to Kam Do Bakery in Richmond.

5613 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

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