Mosaic Grille & Bar – Breakfast Buffet Revisit

It never fails for me… I try a restaurant out and enjoy it so much that I can’t wait to revisit… but, for some reason, it never lives up to that first visit. Take, for example, Mosaic Grille. I visited earlier in the year and had a truly wonderful experience with their breakfast buffet. I brought my honey here in September and wound up with less-than-stellar food and service delivery.

First off, the food selection seemed to have less options than on my first visit. Although I did notice that they added a self-serve congee station. I actually wasn’t entirely impressed by the mushroom congee as it was super bland (yes, I know congee is generally bland). They had various accoutrements to dress up the congee like sesame oil, wonton strips, green onions, and boiled chicken eggs (no preserved duck eggs) but nothing seemed to help.


I believe the price of the Breakfast Buffet has gone up by a dollar to $27 from my last visit. It does include juice but therein lies my second grumble. As I mentioned on my last visit, I had one of the best apple juices I’ve ever had here. So, when I ordered apple juice on this visit, I was expecting it to be as good. What did I get you may ask? Grapefruit juice. Not because I ordered grapefruit juice… our server brought me out the wrong juice. Eventually, I managed to get him to bring me the right juice… but, alas, it wasn’t the same.


On my first visit, I thought that most of the food items were pretty good. This time around, we found that the sausages were cold (although the ones we dug up from the bottom of the pan were warm) and I had to hunt and peck the bacon for crispy pieces as many looked quite limp. In the picture below is chicken hash, scalloped potatoes, bacon, turkey sausage, and frittata.

The one saving grace was the omelette station – at this point, I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised that my spinach, mushroom, tomato and cheese omelette actually tasted pretty good (the serving size is on the small side because I asked for a smaller portion).


655 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC

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