Go Thai – Thai Food in Sapperton

There’s no denying it… the outside of Go Thai is nothing to write home about and looks kind of like a shack. Located on the corner of E. Columbia and Braid in the historic Sapperton area of New West, I’ve driven by this restaurant on a number of occasions but have usually just kept driving on.

Looking for a new place for lunch one rainy weekday, I decided to take one for the team and try them out. The interior actually isn’t that bad and seemed clean-ish. The kitchen is located behind a partial wall so you can smell the food as it’s being made.

I tried the Green Curry Lunch Special with rice and salad ($10.95). I found that the curry was a bit on the watery side but the eggplant was cooked properly and not overly mushy. The salad was (for lack of a better term) interesting with a tart salad dressing. The chicken in the curry was not bad but a bit on the dry side. Fortunately, there was plenty of sauce which helped.


Based on my visit, Go Thai seems to be an average Thai place – nothing overly special about it. If you can get past the ghetto exterior, you might enjoy the food here… but let’s face it… there’s really not many Thai restaurants located in the area.

502 East Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC


Go Thai on Urbanspoon


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