Café Medina – Prepare for a Wait

Ok, so seriously… where do all of these people who snake around the outside of Café Medina come from? I swear, every time I look, there’s always a lineup… just like at Anton’s Pasta Bar.

Recently, Café Medina moved into a larger location on Richards Street but that hasn’t meant that the lineups are any shorter. I arrived at 1:30pm on a Friday afternoon and it was still busy. If you visit, just make sure you go inside first and put your name on the list before you lineup.

One of the benefits of being a single patron is that you can eat at the bar. Still, I wound up waiting about 15 minutes before I could get seated.

I started out with the Hot Chocolate ($4). The description sounded pretty awesome… what chocoholic wouldn’t like a mix of dark and milk chocolate with lavender white chocolate pistachio rosewater? In truth, this wasn’t one of my favourite hot chocolates. Even though I could taste the pistachio (barely), I found the rest of the flavours to be too subtle with the exception of it tasting too bitter for my liking.


I wound up ordering the Fricassée ($17 tax included) which comes with 2 fried eggs on top of braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, applewood smoked cheddar and grilled focaccia. It took about 15 minutes for my food to arrive, but it was fairly busy. Let me just say… OMG, the bread was ah-mazing. I know, I know… bread’s just bread, right? But the focaccia had a perfect crunch to the exterior from the grilling process and was soft on the inside – perfect for sopping up the juices in the fricassée. The short ribs were quite tender and the eggs had nice, runny yolks.


Is the food good? Yes. Is it worth the wait in line? I’ll leave that up to you… but I’d say it’s worth at least one visit.

780 Richards Street
Vancouver, BC

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