North Noodle House – Hand-Made Noodles in New West Skytrain Station

North Noodle House is located in the New West Skytrain station, near The Spud Shack Fry Co., and specializes in Northern Chinese cuisine… specifically, hand-made noodles.

The inside of this restaurant is fairly small and there were pictures on the wall showing how they make their noodles (hand dragged noodles, cutting noodles, and pushing noodles). I started out my meal with the North Beef Roll ($7.95) which had beef rolled in a crispy green onion flat bread with sweet hoisin sauce. It wasn’t too bad but it could have used more hoisin sauce. I did quite enjoy my Peach Juice Drink ($2.20) though.


For my main, I picked their Fried Noodles with Cumin Lamb ($10.95). There was plenty of thick noodles of varying size but not a heck of a lot of lamb… or cumin flavour either. I did enjoy the hand-made noodles and think that it might be a good introduction for those unfamiliar with northern cuisine, but for my personal preferences, it was lacking in flavour.


The texture of the noodles was pretty good… perhaps I need to try out some of their other noodle dishes.

356 – 800 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC

North Noodle House 北方麵館 on Urbanspoon

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