Wen Xin Chinese Restaurant – Mui Choy Kau Yuk

I’ve driven by Wen Xin Chinese Restaurants literally thousands of times over the past few years. Located across the street from Makoto in Burnaby, Wen Xin is a tiny restaurant.

20141112_125552Actually, one of the reasons why I haven’t stopped by here sooner is because it’s located near a local high school and I didn’t feel like putting up with a bunch of rowdy kids during my lunch hour. Fortunately, during my recent visit, it was past the noon hour rush so the only other patrons were a group of older Chinese customers conversing in Mandarin.

The interior of the restaurant was small and a bit cramped. There was a large menu on the wall with everything written in Chinese.

I decided to try the $6.95 lunch special… Soy Sauce Preserved Vegetables with Steamed Rice. As usual, the English translation of the menu item was a bit nondescript. This dish actually comes with slices of pork belly on top of the preserved veggies (Mui Choy Kau Yuk).

The food arrived quite fast. Given how long it usually takes to make this dish, they must have already had some ready to go. The colouring was very light. Usually with this dish, there’s a darker soy sauce colour. Sure enough, I found the dish to lack depth in flavour in both the sauce and the preserved veggies. The five pieces of pork belly were melt-in-your-mouth tender but weren’t very meaty.


I decided to come back and try more of their menu. This is the Beef and Bitter Melon lunch special ($6.95) on rice. Bitter melon is an acquired taste and I remember not being very fond of it as a kid. The food was piping hot when it arrived at my table and, I have to say, it was pretty good. The sauce (like the Mui Choy Kau Yuk that I had previously) was very light and I would have preferred a bolder flavour to the beef. Still, this is the kind of dish that goes quite well with plain rice. The melon indeed have a bitter taste but you tend to not notice it as much once you start having a couple of bites. Texture wise, the thin slices of melon had a slight snap to the bite but the flesh was still tender.


Overall, some good value items on their lunch menu.

5240 Rumble Street
Burnaby, BC


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  1. “The food arrived quite fast. Given how long it usually takes to make this dish, they must have already had some ready to go.”

    Actually no restaurant would make this dish on the fly. The pork is traditionally sauteed, then braised, then finally steamed (along with the preserved mustard greens). Therefore here they reheated it (did you hear a microwave beep ?) before serving it to you. Most restaurants would although not necessarily via microwave. BUT this is not a dish to be cooked to order …….. more like reheated to order 😉

    I’ve been to Wen Xin at least a dozen times. Nice owner lady. Lunch specials are good value (esp. the S&S pork on rice ….. yes I have no shame to admit that). The kids from Burnaby South High School who come over during the lunch hour rush aren’t rowdy at all ….. in fact they’re almost always Chinese. The “rowdy” kids go to 7-Eleven around the corner, or Georgio’s Pizzeria next door, but now that they have closed I don’t know where the rowdy kids go for lunch 😉

    • Something has actually opened up in the old Georgio’s place a couple of weeks ago. They still have the Georgio’s sign out front but I think they’re doing donairs/pitas or something like that. Haven’t been to it yet so not sure if it’s the same owner.

      • SaabKen/LotusRapper

        Thanks. I don’t frequent that part of Burnaby anymore, unfortunately. Having said that there aren’t many good eats options between Metrotown and the Highgate neighbourhood. The One (spin off location of Lao Shan Dong) at the SE corner of Kingsway and Buller is quite worthy 🙂

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