Sasaya Restaurant – Bibimbap

On my first attempt to visit Long J L Chinese Cuisine, I found that they were closed so I went across the street to Sasaya Restaurant for lunch.

The interior of Sasaya has light pink walls with rather plain-looking tables and chairs.


It took a while for my order of Bibimbap ($8.95) to come out but it did arrive with a bowl of egg drop soup with tomato chunks in it. The sizzling hot bowl was more like a plate and had a wide and flat bottom that maximized the amount of crispy rice that formed. In addition to the beef, cucumber, kimchi, radish, mushrooms, and sprouts, there was a completely raw egg that was nestled in the mound of rice that resembled a volcano. After letting the rice sit for a bit to form the crispy shell, I mixed in the gochujang sauce and coated the rice with the egg.


This place seems to have a mixture of a number of different Asian foods here. Cash or debit only.

7538 Royal Oak Avenue
Burnaby, BC

Sasaya Restaurant 全州豆腐鍋 on Urbanspoon


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  1. Hmm, I didn’t think restaurants still do that, put raw egg on top of rice. Used to be common practice in Chinese restos if you ordered “meen ji au yook fan” (minced beef on rice) where they’d nestle a raw egg in the middle of the ground beef + green peas sauce. I mean, it’s great and decadent when you break the yolk and mix it with the sauce and rice ….. but public health concerns over salmonella must have ground that practice to a halt.

    Sasaya has pretty good salty peppery chicken nuggets, they are Taiwanese and the menu is primarily Taiwanese dishes.

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