Broken Rice – Shaken Beef

Finding ourselves in The Heights one evening, we decided to drop by Broken Rice for an early dinner as we enjoyed our last visit when we tried their garlic butter chicken wings.

This time around we tried their Spring Rolls ($6.25) which are made of minced pork, carrot, taro root, mushroom and onion hand-wrapped in rice paper and fried. These were perfectly fried up to provide a crispy shell that encased the filling.

The Coconut Braised Pork Belly, or Thịt Kho, ($13.75) had a very generous portion of sliced pork belly along with a boiled egg, and daikon simmered in a clay pot with coconut juice and fish sauce and served with broken rice and pickled vegetables. Broken rice consists of grains broken during the milling process and creates a softer texture to the rice compared with unbroken rice. The pork in this dish is reminiscent of the pork slices found in mui choy kau yok and had a tender texture.


Whenever I go to Phnom Penh, I order their Luc Lac Beef on Rice and hold that as the yardstick that I measure all other varieties. So I couldn’t resist ordering the Shaken Beef, or Bò Lúc Lắc, ($16) made of beef tenderloin wok-tossed with red wine and soya sauce and served over tomato rice with watercress salad. The tomato rice brought back childhood memories of eating rice with tomato sauce and beef – it’s a relatively simple dish but very comforting. The cubed beef was indeed tender but not as tender as the beef that I had at Prince Seafood. Still, a very solid dish and they didn’t skimp on the amount of beef included.


If you’re looking for good Vietnamese food in the Burnaby Heights area, Broken Rice is a good choice.

4088 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

Broken Rice on Urbanspoon

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