Nuba Cafe (Mount Pleasant) – Lamb Kibbeh

With all of the bakery shops that I was visiting in early December, I felt like I needed to eat something a bit more healthy. Nuba seemed like the perfect choice so I headed down to visit the Mount Pleasant location, just a half block west of Main St.

The restaurant was quite busy during lunch time with both dine-in customers and patrons ordering items to-go. Fortunately, there was an empty spot at the bar so I didn’t have to wait.


I ordered the Lamb Kibbeh ($13.50) made with grilled grain-fed halal lamb meatballs, vegetables, pine nuts, burghul (cracked wheat) and aromatic spice and served with hummus, salad, pickled cabbage, olives, pita and choice of organic brown rice or roasted potatoes. I opted for half-and-half of the rice and potatoes but if I had to do it over again, I would go with all rice as the potatoes weren’t that great. That was probably the only thing bad I have to say about this dish.

The organic green salad satisfied my craving for something lighter and healthier and the crunchy slaw had a slightly sourness that tingled my taste buds. The pita bread was served cold (as it usually is) but wasn’t hard either. I found it the right texture to use to scoop up the creamy hummus and the brown rice. The lamb was quite good… much better than I was expecting. Not the least bit gamey or tough and it went great with the homemade green jalapeño hot sauce (which was probably the real star of the dish).


If this all sounds too healthy for you, you could always walk across the street and grab some frissants from Swiss Bakery for dessert.

146 E 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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