Secret Garden Tea Company – Afternoon Tea in Kerry’s Dale

It’s been a number of years since we last had afternoon tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company. Located in Kerrisdale (once known as “Kerry’s Dale”), this quaint little shop is hardly a secret to tea lovers.

We showed up for Afternoon Tea in mid-December… hence, the complimentary gingerbread man that we received.


The tea cozy that the tea pots arrive in is a nice touch that helps to keep the pot warm while also looking stylish, complimenting the coloured pots. There’s quite a selection of teas to choose from and we opted for the Mango Green Tea and the Green Pear.


Most of the patrons here (at least during our visit) are female, with the odd male companion interspersed at a few tables (usually with their wives or girlfriends). The thing that I look forward to here are the savory and sweet treats. Their menu changes seasonally but, during our visit, was comprised of salmon and avocado sandwiches, egg salad pinwheels, turkey sandwiches, raisin scones, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and lemon tarts.


The scones were just okay but I did like the rest… especially the pinwheels and the chewy cookies.

5559 West Boulevard
Vancouver, BC

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