Menya Japanese Noodle – Nagahama Ramen

Menya Japanese Noodle has been located at the corner of Yukon and West Broadway for years and I’ve passed by it countless times wondering if it was any good. During the hectic xmas shopping rush, I found refuge here and was quite pleased by the company and the food (as the ramen really warmed up my chest).

I ordered the Nagahama Ramen ($6.95) – a tonkotsu ramen made with pork bone broth and special soy sauce and added the Ramen Set for an additional $3.40 which gives you 4 pieces of gyoza and your choice of rice ball. The gyoza was surprisingly delicate – if you’re looking for a really meaty filling, this isn’t it… still, I liked it. The Takikomi onigiri is made with kelp and vegetables and would probably be a little plain by itself.


The Nagahama Ramen is served with thin ramen noodles but I believe you can pick the thickness of noodle if you want. I thought the broth was very pleasant and the chashu pieces were properly tender.


All in, I really enjoyed my meal here. The interior could use a bit of an updating though (starting with those wooden stumps that they use as chairs).

401 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Menya Japanese Noodle 麵屋 on Urbanspoon

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