Ask for Luigi

Luigi? Luigi!?!? Where are you? Hmmm… I’m starting to sound like a little Italian plumber. Okay, enough of that… Ask for Luigi is a tiny restaurant located on the corner of Gore and Alexander, about a block away from Sunrise Market.

If you’re looking for the latest or most hyped restaurant in Vancouver, odds are it’s located in some sketchy part of town. Sure enough, I knew that I had arrived at my location due to the “fragrant” aroma coming from the street. I’m not saying that I’m against gentrification… it just takes a while.

In any case, the interior of Ask for Luigi is almost the complete opposite of the harsh neighbourhood. It’s warm and cozy and the aroma of freshly made pasta clings to your nostrils. During my lunch visit, I noticed a number of other patrons taking pictures of everything… literally everything inside. But who am I to judge? That’s exactly why I came here too. The people that work here must be used to it by now… the person making the pasta was doing his best to give a good pose while stretching out the dough and feeding it into the pasta press.

The lunch menu is rather limited with only 4 pasta dishes available. I picked the Pappardelle with fried eggplant, olives and tomato sauce ($14). The noodles were flat and thin and perfectly cooked. I found that the saltiness from the olives paired well with the tomato sauce but that the diced eggplant just got lost in this dish.


Was the pasta good? Yes. Was it great? Hard to tell with just one dish. The service, however, was attentive and friendly.

305 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC

Ask for Luigi on Urbanspoon

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