Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar – Crispy Sticky Chicken Wings

When I first heard that they closed Fleuri at the Sutton Place Hotel, I thought… “Oh no! No more chocolate buffet!”. Truth be told, it’s been well over a decade since I last visited and tried their chocolate buffet. So perhaps it’s a good thing that they tried to reinvent the place – there’s just so much chocolate that one person can eat.

The inside of the Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, the restaurant that’s taken over from Fleuri, feels like a stylish 70’s lounge complete with the requisite mood music.


Instead of a round of oysters, we opted for their Crispy Chicken Wings ($14) which we truly enjoyed. These large wings (which also include the wing tips) are encased in a crunchy and sticky fish sauce caramel coating mixed with sambal chili and served with pickled veggies. The sambal chili gives a nice amount of heat and the caramel offsets it with a sweet bite. It’s difficult to eat these wings without getting your fingers completely sticky. Fortunately, they bring by some dampened napkins to wipe up with.

The Traditional Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon ($18) comes with tomatoes and crispy potatoes as well as perfectly runny yolks.


I opted to try the Korean “Rice Bowl” ($22) which is their take on a bibimbap. While it’s served in a stone-like bowl, it’s not actually cooked in it so the bowl never gets hot enough to create the characteristic crispy rice on the bottom of the bowl. I did enjoy the Snake River Farm wagyu galbi sausage and the sunny side up egg had a nice runny yolk. It’s a nice attempt to reimagine a bibimbap, right down to the sour pickled veggies. If you’re more set on a traditional bibimbap, you might not like this but it was rather tasty nonetheless.


Prices here seems a bit on the high side. I found that the food took a while to come out even though they really weren’t that busy. If you do visit here, make sure to try their crispy chicken wings.

845 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

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