Indian Wok – Lunch Specials

Indian Wok is an Indian-style Chinese restaurant (or is it a Chinese-style Indian restaurant?) located on Kingsway, just east of Metrotown.

This is a tiny little restaurant and you can hear the cook furiously wok-frying their food in the kitchen. The lunch specials are pretty good value but the dishes are on the smaller size. I ordered the Peppering Beef ($6.99 lunch special) which comes with your choice of soup – I picked the Cream of Corn Soup. The soup had the characteristic thick viscosity but there wasn’t a lot of actual corn in the soup. Taste-wise, it was a tad on the salty side and I would have preferred some white pepper instead.

The Peppering Beef was served with onions, peppers, baby corn, jalepeño slices, and chili peppers in a rich brown sauce.  The beef was super tender and felt like it melted on my tongue. But the best part was definitely the sauce which had a healthy dose of garlic in it.


The dish was very saucy and that’s not a bad thing. I could have just eaten the sauce by itself over a bed of rice and been a happy camper.

I came back for lunch the following week and tried the Hot and Sour Soup with Fish Curry lunch special. I was hoping that the curry would be more like Indian curry but was disappointed to find it was a Chinese yellow curry. That’s not to say the dish was bad per se… it had plenty of pieces of fried, boneless fish in addition to cauliflower, onions, and peppers. I just prefer Indian-style curry.


As for the hot and sour soup, it seemed to lack depth and wasn’t as tangy/sour as it should have been. I did like the crunchy bamboo shoots in the soup though and, if you prefer a tamer version of hot and sour soup, you might like this. Just like the corn soup, there wasn’t much fillings in the hot and sour soup.

514 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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