Koon Bo – Revisit

Koon Bo is the type of hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you don’t expect much from when you first walk in. True, they’ve had a fresh paint job since our last visit, but the interior is still very basic. Given how busy it can get here, people don’t come here for the decor.

No, if there is one thing that diners come here for, it’s this… their House Special Shredded Chicken. Yes, it seems like such a simple dish but they really nail it here. The crunchy jellyfish, wonton strips, and pickled veggies pairs so well with the shredded chicken.


Another dish that we see many people order here is the Crispy Honey Garlic Pork Chops with Deep Fried Tofu Balls. Visually, it’s quite stunning. Better still, it’s very tasty. The tofu balls aren’t plain tofu – they have some green onions in it as well. As for the pork, the pieces are fried up with a crunchy coating that’s very sweet.


Keeping in line with the same motif, the Honey Garlic Beef with Walnuts has a sweet coating around the meat. The beef was supremely tender and contrasted nicely with the crunchy walnut pieces.


We also picked up the Mandarin Crispy Chicken in special soy sauce. The chicken was very moist from swimming in the light soy sauce.


To round out our meal, we added an order of pea tips to offset all of the meat dishes that we ordered.


The only problem with this restaurant is that service can get very lax when they get busy as they don’t have enough wait staff.

5682 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC

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  1. KB is known (or used to be) for their roasted squabs. But I find their most of their prices too high to stomach. And the interior (when we were last there a few years ago) was really lacking in ambiance (I remember a LOT of fluorescent lighting) and the table & chairs were uncomfortable. So when we’re in that stretch of Fraser St we go to Ho Yuen Kee by default. Much better ambiance, service, food is very decent and so are the prices.

  2. House Special Shredded Chicken!!! i ate this dish new years eve of 2011 and found it to be excellent. Very nice servers/owner and the other dishes were very tasty. Then the headache: i returned on my own for that shredded chicken and could not find the restaurant…i read it moved..that another Koon Bo was a few blocks away but they had no idea about this shredded chicken dish…long story..i said screw it and went to ther places such as Mui Garden on Victoria. So is this the little dumpy looking chinese diner (from outside) that i enjoyed so much??? cuz if it is….!!!!! shredded chicken!!! time once again. 🙂

  3. …i looked at the menu …$15 for that shredded chicken…now i recall why i lost interest…in general, this tiny place is too expensive.

  4. Koon Bo and Koon Lok (used to be further south on Fraser, where Deer Garden Signatures is now) were all owned by members of the same family (I’ve heard the two respective owners are brothers but I can’t confirm that). There was a falling out between them in recent years which may have led to the closure of Koon Lok (again I can’t confirm that), and I’ve heard the Koon Bo’s menu has since been tweaked for whatever reasons. Ok, if all that info and rumors meant anything here for what’s its worth, so be it ! 🙂

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