Ikea Restaurant (Richmond) – Meatball Madness

For well over a year, the strike at the Richmond Ikea dragged on and on and on. And that was sad news if you were looking for some cheap eats while browsing through the maze-like warehouse. Fortunately, fabled mediator Vince Ready put an end to the strike so you can now enjoy Swedish meatballs for the next 10 years.

Speaking of meatballs… I ordered the 10 Meatball Dinner with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce ($5.99) with a side of garlic bread ($0.50) and a glass of pop ($1 with free refills).

Their restaurant, located on the 2nd floor, is more of a cafeteria. You line up and pick your meal, then take it to the cashier to pay. The price point is pretty good – and when you’ve spent over an hour browsing through their displays, it’s hard to be picky.


The food itself is a bit generic (probably because it’s all pre-made) but I didn’t mind it. As a matter of fact, you can even buy the same meatballs frozen to take home with you. I’ve really got to remember to pick up a jar of lingonberry sauce the next time I come here. As with most cafeteria-style places, the pop fountain always seems to have a few taps that are broken/out of syrup so you need to taste test each one before you find one that works.

Update: As I mentioned… we’ve been spending way-yyy too much time at Ikea lately. This time, we tried a few of their other dishes. The Fish and Chips ($6.99) had a thick and crunchy coating around the haddock fillets. They even have desserts here. We tried the Carrot Cake – which was actually pretty good. The Pot Roast is a bit more expensive at $9.99 but comes served with a big helping of mashed potatoes. The meat was actually fairly tender. And skip the fountain pop the next time you’re here and go for the sparkling pear drink.


If you’re looking for something to eat at Ikea that’s more portable, you can try their bistro behind the cashiers where you can get cheap hot dogs and ice cream.

3320 Jacombs Roac
Richmond, BC


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