Marulilu Cafe – Japanese Breakfast

Marulilu Cafe has been on my wishlist for quite a long while… and it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve actually tried to come here twice before but they were closed on both occasions.

This restaurant is super cozy… don’t be surprised if you have to share your table with other diners (they put up tiny table dividers to give you the illusion of privacy). Once you peruse their menu, you go up to the counter to order your meal and they bring it out to you when it’s ready.

The Strawberry Mango Smoothie tasted mainly of strawberry and was super thick. I feel like they needed to use a thicker straw because I kept getting pieces of strawberry stuck in the straw.


Aside from the marshmallows, I felt that the Belgian Hot Chocolate with whipped cream was quite good.


We’ve always been a fan of Oyako Dons… but the Oyako with Kinoko Don kicks it up with mushrooms!


If you come here, you’ve got to try their Omu Hayashi Rice. The rice is topped with a thin omelette and served with a demi glace sauce with hash beef and mushrooms. It’s kind of a western-style dish but the sauce was soooo good.


Well worth the wait just for the Omu Hayashi.

451 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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