Bubble Queen – Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Bubble Waffle

We heard about the various bubble waffles and fresh fruit bubble tea that they serve at Bubble Queen in Richmond and decided to give them a try. It actually took us a while to figure out that they were located on the outside of the shopping complex (facing McKim Way).

We decided to try their Mango with Mango Mochi and Coconut Jelly. To be honest, the mango mochi didn’t taste very mangoy but it had the right texture and consistency. I found that the mochi got stuck in the straw (it would have helped if the straw was a bit bigger.


The real reason for our visit was the bubble waffles. We’ve had plain bubble waffles before from night markets and the malls but I’ve never seen so many varieties. We opted for the Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Bubble Waffle – this was very good. It takes them a while to make the bubble waffles so you can be in a wait if there’s a lot of people ahead of you.


We actually came back on another visit and tried out a whole bunch of items from their menu… check out all of the bubble waffles and bbt we tried on our next visit.

1180 – 8888 Odlin Crescent
Richmond, BC

Bubble Queen on Urbanspoon

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