Food Coma: Chicken Wings, Bubble Waffles, BBT, Fish and Chips and Fried Chicken – Oh My!

We didn’t really plan to go on a food adventure – well, not to this extent.

It all started with Phnom Penh… they were closed for about a month earlier this year which meant we were deprived of their delicious chicken wings. So, when they reopened, we made a visit and ordered some of our favourite dishes (pictures below are from a previous visit).

Steamed Rice Rolls with Ham and their famous Deep Fried Chicken Wings.


The Spicy Garlic Squid is prepared similar to their chicken wings. The Trieu Chau Pan Fried Oyster Cake is a large dish filled with a chewy texture to the pancake.


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Since we were in Chinatown, we decided to head over to nearby Benny’s Market and pick up their famous Benny Burger (again, the picture below was from a previous visit). I know that mortadella, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mustard on a Portuguese bun sounds so simple… but it’s so good.


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We had previously visited Bubble Queen the day before but decided that we needed to try more of their menu. Inside this tiny little bubble tea shop, you can see all of the fresh mangoes sitting in the display. You can also see the area where they cool down the bubble waffles with the bladeless Dyson fan.


Fresh Mango Cube Slush, Calpis, Passion Fruit Slush, and Lychee Slush.


I really liked the Oreo Bubble Waffle… more than I thought I would.


Not to mention the Blueberry Cranberry Bubble Waffle. By the time I tried the Mango Mochi, I was getting really stuffed. Still, it’s worth it to try their Matcha Red Bean Bubble Waffle… I liked it better than the Black Sesame Bubble Waffle.

It’s funny… by the time they handed us our fourth bubble waffle, they asked “you’re still ordering more?”


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When we left, we were super stuffed and wanted to walk some of it off. So we headed down to Steveston and took a leisurely stroll along the pier. Of course, you can’t head down to Steveston and not try the fish and chips at Pajo’s. We were still pretty full so we just stuck with the halibut and chips… definitely still one of the best halibut and chips in the area.


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And, of course, since we were in Richmond, we decided to head on over to LA Chicken to pick up some fried chicken for dinner. We opted for the half and half (half spicy and half regular). If you’re a fan of Church’s Chicken, you’ve got to try out LA Chicken.


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Man… I still feel full thinking about this day.

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  1. The mango cube slush at Bubble Queen is my kryptonite! I love your whole day, and plan to try that sandwich at Benny’s. I go there quite often with family but have never ordered anything from the deli. Also must return to LA Chicken for a fix soon.

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