Indian Bombay Bistro – Garlic Naan

I’ve must have driven along 6th Street in Burnaby a number of times but have never really noticed the Indian Bombay Bistro that opened up about a year and a half ago on the corner of Graham Avenue until recently.

The interior of this restaurant is filled with warm browns (tables and booths) and accented with vibrant colours on the walls and pillars. At first, I thought the restaurant seemed pretty clean but I did notice that the table and menu had some food stuck to it.


The Mango Lassi ($4.50) was pretty good… it wasn’t too tart and had a smooth finish with a slight mango taste to it. As the dishes didn’t come with rice included, I ordered the Plain Rice ($3.95) since I knew I’d need it to sop up the sauce with. The rice itself was fluffy with separated grains and did their job well in soaking up the curry sauce.


I also ordered the Garlic Naan, which was a really good choice. When it arrived, I could feel a big dose of garlic hit my olfactory centre. The naan was perfectly crisp on the outside while still being fluffy and chewy on the inside. The garlic was just the kicker. I could eat this with curry sauce all day.


Speaking of curry… my main was the Lamb Vindaloo ($13.95). I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for vindaloo ever since I was young and used to watch Red Dwarf on late-night PBS specials. The dish included boneless lamb prepared in roasted cinnamon with potatoes and spices. I opted for the medium level spice but found that the flavours were a little tame and muted. Perhaps I should have ordered it spicy.


Overall, the food was pretty good and my young waitress was really friendly. It might be worth another visit to try some of their other dishes… but next time, I’ll go for the spicy version.

I actually did come back the following week… this time I opted for the Mango Butter Chicken ($12.95) prepared with mango butter sauce and asked for it to be spicy. Sure enough, the flavours were pretty good and the sauce was super creamy and buttery. It wasn’t overly spicy for my personal preferences, but that’s probably because I like spicy dishes.


You really need some kind of starch for the sauce so I ordered the same thing as my first visit… plain rice ($3.95) and garlic naan ($2.95)… can’t go wrong with garlic naan!


Overall, some pretty solid eats here.

7558 6th Street
Burnaby, BC

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