Pearl Castle Cafe (Burnaby)

Pearl Castle Cafe currently has 4 locations. The one located in the Old Orchard Shopping Centre at Kingsway and Willingdon is difficult to see from the street as the restaurant is set inwards.

Their menus are a little difficult to figure out as they seem to be generic for all locations with various symbols to indicate which items are only available at your current location (for example, some drinks are only available at certain locations).

On our first visit, we picked up their Passionfruit Frappe Slush ($4.25) and Passionfruit Lemon Green Tea ($4.50). Both drinks were good but I found that I kept having brain freezes from the slushy.


We started out our meal with Fried Oysters ($6.95) – these were large oysters that were cut up into pieces. It wasn’t bad, although I feel like they need to work on their breading as it was not as crispy as I would prefer.


Next up was the Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice ($9.50) which was really good. There was ample amount of plump shrimp in this dish.


Last up was the Wonton with Chili Sauce ($5.5) – I found that the wontons were quite tender, although they weren’t really that spicy despite the chili sauce.


I decided to come back for a revisit during the week for lunch. Just like on my first visit, I found that it’s fairly warm inside this restaurant and the service is quite lacking. And, while there’s free wi-fi, this seems to attract a lot of customers who think it’s okay to play videos on their smartphones at the highest possible volume.

On this visit, I tried their Garlic Sauce Chicken ($7.75 + 2.25 for the combo) which includes rice and some veggies (cabbage, corn and clear noodles). The dish is a bit spicy with plenty of minced and whole garlic to accompany the bone-in chicken leg pieces.


On this visit, I ordered the Mango Frappe ($4.95) which was quite refreshing given how hot it was inside.


On my third visit, we decided to try a few other dishes… this time the Fried Squid ($5.75) which was dusted with pepper and served with a sweet sauce.


The Kimchi Shredded Pork Fried Noodle (8.75) was a bit average overall.


Instead, I preferred the Szechuan Chicken ($7.25 + $2.25 for combo). Even though the chicken was not really spicy, the crisp, boneless chicken was battered up nicely.


I’m not a real fan of how hot the restaurant is on the inside, how loud it is due to the music and other patrons, or the service, but some of the dishes here are pretty good, as are the drinks.

14A – 4429 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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