Scandilicious – Kumle and Waffles

When I first heard the name “Scandilicious”, thoughts of food porn immediately came to mind. After all, why else would they put the word “scandal” in their name? Well, as it turns out, the “scandi” part of their name derives from “Scandinavian” food.

Scandilicious used to be located on Commercial Drive before they moved to their current location at the foot of Victoria Drive near Powell. The neighbourhood is filled with a mix of light industrial buildings but has a feeling similar to The Drive, just a bit quieter.

Since I had arrived pretty early in the morning, I had the entire counter to myself so I could enjoy my Hot Chocolate while waiting for my meal to arrive. The Hot Chocolate was good and was topped off with thick whipped cream.


For my breakfast, I ordered the Two Eggs with Kumle and Back Bacon ($9). If you decide to come here, definitely try the kumle… it’s a dense Norweigian potato dumpling stuffed in the middle with piece of fatty pork and then sliced up and pan fried. If you like potato pancakes, you’ll like this, but it’s a bit denser. My eggs were perfectly fried up with runny yolks.


While the kumle was quite filling, I originally came here because I heard that they had some pretty good waffles. I decided to try the liege version of their Soul Mates… Peanut Butter, Nutella, Chocolate and Whipped Cream ($8.00). The waffle was served warm and the toppings were a bit on the “wet” side. Still, the waffle retained a slight crisp to the exterior. Although the peanut butter wound up sticking to the roof of my mouth, I did enjoy this.


Great place for kumle and waffles.

25 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Never heard of/tried kumle, looks great though.
    That waffle looks amazing too.

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