Dynasty Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

It’s been a few years since we were last at Dynasty Seafood Restaurant on West Broadway. I suppose that’s why we didn’t remember that they have free underground parking in the back (just remember to not pay in the parking lot and give your stall number to the restaurant)… they really need bigger signs for this.

The Deep Fried Squid Tentacles was a plentiful dish with an almost endless supply of fairly good tentacles.


The Pan Fried Radish Cakes was another dish that was fairly par-for-course.


Overall, I think most of their dishes were fairly average… nothing wrong with that, it’s just that nothing really stood out. Har Gow or Steamed Shrimp Dumplings


Scallop and Pea Tip Dumplings were actually one of the better dishes.


Steamed Chicken Feet and Lo Mai Gai.


Pan Fried Pork Potstickers and Steamed Spareribs.


The Baked BBQ Pork Pie with Lemon sounded interesting and I was surprised at how good it was. True to the name, it’s quite lemony in both taste and aroma. The bbq pork filling was tender and saucy and encased in the flaky pastry shell.


Oddly enough, I recall having the Deep Fried Taro Dumpling with BBQ Pork on our last visit and thought that it was really good. On this visit, however, I wasn’t as impressed. I’m not sure if it’s because it tasted different or if my tastes have just changed over time.


For dessert, we ordered the Mango Pudding and the Tapioca Pudding with Black Sesame.


For some reason, the tapioca pudding really didn’t have much black sesame in it however.


Overall, Dynasty is an okay mid-level dim sum spot with most dishes running at $4.xx to $5.xx per plate. Also, they open for dim sum at 10am so you can get your dim sum fix a little sooner than some other restaurants.

108 – 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC


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