Kea’s Meats & Deli

Kea’s Meats & Deli is a popular butcher shop that’s located in the middle of nowhere. I’ve worked nearby for years and never even knew this place existed.

Located in the middle of a mixed semi-industrial/residential area, it sits across from the Highland Park Line Trail and there’s plenty of free parking in the area.


As I mentioned, this place is a butcher shop – but they also prepare handmade sandwiches to order and they’re quite busy during the lunch rush. While they don’t have lettuce or tomato, their sandwiches do come with your choice of meat and cheese from their available selection of deli products.


On my first visit, I grabbed a Mortadella sandwich with sun-dried tomato havarti cheese, mustard and mayo on a whole wheat bun. I added a bottle of pop (usually $2) for a combo and my meal came to $4.75. A lot of people wind up buying two sandwiches because they’re a bit small (but cheap). While it didn’t have the onions, lettuce, and tomato like a Benny Burger, this was pretty good.


I came back the following week for a revisit, but this time, I ordered a sandwich with double meat and cheese for $4. This time, I picked the ham and Genoa salami with cheddar cheese on white bun. The extra meat was a good choice. As for the service, I found it to be hit-and-miss… my first visit was quite pleasant and they were very helpful… less so on the second visit.


Their pricing for meats is pretty good too and they’ll cut up your steak however you like it.

6616 Beresford Street
Burnaby, BC

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