Icy Bar – Mango Ice Cream Mochi Icy

What could be better than shave ice? How about some ice cream on that? Oh wait, why don’t we add some fresh fruit on that? What, you want mochi too? Okay!

Icy Bar is a dine-in dessert spot on Kingsway near Boundary (they have another location on Kingsway near Knight).

While we waited for our shave ice dessert, we ordered a Lychee Slush ($4.25) which contained real lychees in it.


The Mango Ice Cream Mochi Icy ($10) is a very impressive-looking dessert. On top of the big pile of shave ice, they have fresh mango cubes, mango mochi and vanilla ice cream. I think it would have been better if they had mango ice cream.



It’s not bad, especially if you like shave ice. However, I think I prefer the snow cream from Ice Pik Shavery since the flavours are throughout the entire dish. With this dish, once you finish the toppings, you’re just left with ice. Sure, the ice grains do absorb some of the flavours, but it’s not the same as snow cream.

3618 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC


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