Joojak Restaurant – Northern Chinese Cuisine

We were running errands along Kingsway one day and decided to try and get some lunch. Unfortunately for us, the whole area was hit with a power outage and most of the regular restaurants that we would go to were closed because of it. For some reason, mid-way up the block, some of the places were still with power so we decided to try Joojak, which specializes in northern-style Chinese cuisine.

This is a really small shop and one of their specialties is in homemade dumplings. We ordered the Boiled Dumplings with pork and chives filling ($7.99). The tender dumplings were quite good and went well with the dipping sauce once we spiced it up with some hot sauce that was at the table.


Next up was the Beef Roll ($5.25). It was similarly quite well prepared. They don’t skimp on the beef or sauce here like some other restaurants and the pancake had a nice crispy yet chewy texture.


Lastly, we had the Xinjiang flavoured Braised Chicken with Veggies and Handmade Noodles ($17.99). This was a very large dish with bone-in chicken and plenty of potatoes (I guess potatoes are vegetables… that’s what I tell myself when I eat fries). The real star of this dish are the handmade noodles… they were long, wide, and velvety in texture. I just wish that they had more noodles and less potatoes in the dish.


There’s not many tables here and they only accept cash. Still, I liked the beef roll and dumplings. I’d love to have a dish with just those handmade noodles and some sauce.

3337 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Joojak Restaurant

    Hi Penny and Rusty! We also have a dish called Handmade Noodles with Chili Oil which is just the handmade noodles and some spicy sauce. That’s a popular dish for those who like our noodles. We’re glad you enjoyed you meal and got to order some of our popular dishes. 🙂

    – Joojak Restaurant

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