Blue Water Cafe – Not Just Seafood

It took me a long time before I finally tried Blue Water Cafe and now I can’t understand why I waited so long.

Needless to say, we were quite impressed by our first visit so we decided to come back for my sweetie’s birthday.

We started out with some drinks… the Pablo Honey made with guava puree, fresh lemon, honey, syrup, and soda and the French Lemonade made with vanilla syrup, and lemon juice ($6 each).


I love the complimentary bread service here. These freshly baked buns (a mix of whole wheat and white) were served warm and had a nice crusty exterior. They came served with a chickpea and roasted pepper spread and seaweed butter. Better still, they refilled our bread without even asking.


You can’t visit Blue Water without trying some of their seafood. And who doesn’t love a seafood tower? This isn’t really a tower since it’s only a single tier, but they do have larger multi-tier options available. We just stuck with the Shellfish Plateau because we also wanted to try some other dishes. The Shellfish Plateau ($28) came with fresh raw oysters, prawns, mussels, clams, jellyfish and scallop ceviche (really liked the scallops on this visit).


Now, you might think that it’s best to stick with the seafood dishes at a place called Blue Water. But I had my eye on the Beef Tenderloin this time around ($58 for the 8oz steak) served with fingerling potatoes with rosemary and fleur de sel, green beans
romesco purée, and a tasty bordelaise sauce. As expected, the tenderloin was perfectly tender on the inside and cooked to medium-rare. The outside of the steak had a nice char to it adding some texture and flavour.


We enjoyed the Sablefish ($36.50) so much on our last visit that we had to have it again. Served with a miso sake glaze with baby bok choy, edamame beans, quinoa and shiitake mushrooms with yuzu dashi, the buttery soft flakes just melts in your mouth.


We were so full that we just stuck to the daily selection of sorbet for dessert… calamansi, white peach, and raspberry. The calamansi was quite good but started to get a bit tart towards the end. Portion size is pretty good so it’s great for sharing.


Lastly, some complimentary Lemon Poppyseed Petit Four completed the perfect meal.


Great food, great service… one of these days, we want to try those large breadsticks that they have at some of the tables and bar.

1095 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC

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