Pepper Lunch Canada – DIY Teppanyaki

The great thing about Instagram is that you get to see all the great food people are trying in your area. The bad thing is that you start getting a serious case of FOMO because you’re not eating the same thing right now.

Pepper Lunch, a massively popular DIY eatery in Asia, came to Richmond recently and all of the social media sites went gaga. Self-serve teppanyaki isn’t exactly new to the area. In fact, Teppan Kitchen is located in nearby Aberdeen Centre.

Pepper Lunch’s signature dish is their Beef Pepper Rice ($8.95 + $1.50 for an egg). The sizzling hot plate comes with a paper guard to minimize the splattering. Because the plate is so hot, you have to work quickly otherwise things can get overcooked. Since the meat is sliced thin, you should mix it up with the rice quickly to spread the flavour around.


The Wednesday lunch special ($13.50) was half and half of the Kobe Burger and Sliced Angus Steak along with miso soup, onion sauce, and a drink. While the Angus steak was tender, I really liked the Kobe burger and would probably just order that on my next visit. You don’t want to overcook the meat so make sure you put the meat on top of veggies when you get your steak to the right temperature.


The food’s pretty good but it really comes down to whether you cook the meat properly. If you like sizzling meat and don’t mind doing some of the cooking, this is a nice place to try out. In truth, I liked the garlic butter sauce better at Teppan Kitchen.

It can be a little confusing when you first come to Pepper Lunch. While it looks like a regular restaurant from the outside, you order your food at the front counter and then sit down and wait for your meal to be brought out on their special hot plates. The plates are quite hot so make sure you don’t touch them.

150-5951 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

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