Big 6 Restaurant – Greasy Spoon

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’ve got nothing against a greasy spoon dive… as long as the food’s good. For example, the 5 Point Cafe in Seattle is a perfect example of a greasy spoon dive where the food’s great and you’re still slightly afraid to go to the bathroom.

The Big 6 Restaurant is located in Burnaby and, if you get past the shady looking exterior, you’re greeted with a throwback inside with light pink stucco interior walls, tired vinyl booths and seats, and a row of coin-operated toy dispensers. Dive – check.

They proudly displays a 1991 Province newspaper clipping proclaiming them the favourite “greasy spoon” for the year and they actually have some interesting options on the menu.


I decided on the Monte Cristo ($7.50) which they describe as a hybrid of French toast with ham, cheese, turkey, and tomatoes and served with fries. What arrived on my plate wasn’t exactly as described. On the plus side, it came with bacon… but it didn’t really taste like French toast. I wonder if they gave me a Club House by mistake. In either case, there were no tomatoes and the the meat was rather dry with practically no cheese. They even forgot my drink order and then tried to charge me for it.


I really wanted to like this place better but, at the end of the day, there lots of better greasy spoons around town.

7660 6th Street
Burnaby, BC

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  1. yes, it is a dive and the bathroom is a dirty stinky mess too. But the food is not bad for a typical diner -dive . The thing about the service…i went last week (my third visit) and i actually like the food (big double trucker burger) and the coffee, the owner/server is a pleasant enough lady…it is just frustrating because her english seems limited and a simple thing like asking for your burger to be cut in half before being served (3 attempts to ask, including imaginary knife cutting motions) are useless. But i will say she is NICe…you will get you coffee refilled and it is a comfy laid back old school diner that one day it will be sold and replaced by some generic cell phone repair shop (just saying..not actually happening) and it will be missed by people such as myself who tire of trendy over priced eateries.

    • Yeah, I walked in really wanting to like the place. Maybe caught them on a bad day? I ordered tea and never got it so didn’t even have a chance to get a refill. But she did try to charge me for it.

      Picturing your knife cutting motions… I’ve had those kind of experiences at some other places too, lol

  2. Now under new ownership from feb 16 and a 180 from what it used to be, still a diner menu but the quality has shot way up yet the prices are still a bargain plus no more duct tape seats! AND organic fair trade coffee, for real!
    Oh and the bathrooms are clean..

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