The One Restaurant – Can There Be Only One?

In the infamous words of the immortals from Higlander, “There can BE ONLY one!”

The One Restaurant, however, isn’t a Scottish eatery or a haven for immortals. No, it’s one of the many Taiwanese shops that have popped up around Metro Vancouver. In many ways, The One is just like all of those other Taiwanese bubble tea shops… slightly stylized interiors that have gotten a bit tired from overuse, large menu of snacks and bubble tea, annoying diners taking too many pictures of their food… oh, wait…



I’ve been planning to visit The One for a very long time. The main reason was due to all of the pics of gravity-defying bubble tea slushies that adorn social media and restaurant review sites. I finally made it here in mid-August and immediately ordered a Passionfruit Slush ($5.50).

When they bring out the slushies, they offer to scoop it into another cup for you since it’s actually quite difficult to eat as-is. And you have to drink it fast otherwise it melts and overflows the cup. Now, don’t get me wrong, the drink is quite impressive looking… however, if you look carefully at the cup, you can see that the slushy looks bigger than it really is because the cup narrows on the bottom.

As for the drink itself, I may have experienced one or two brainfreezes. The passionfruit flavour wasn’t too noticeable though.

For my lunch, I picked the Deep Fried Chicken Nugget Fried Rice ($10.99). You can’t tell by the picture below, but this dish was truly massive! Fortunately, it was also very tasty and had a plentiful supply of small, crunchy, chicken pieces mixed into the fried rice.


As for the service, it was rather slow for the food and drink to come out and it was sometimes difficult to flag someone down. The interior was rather spacious but I wasn’t a fan of the seats as they sank in too much… like they’ve seen better days.

5908 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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  1. Glad you made it there 🙂

    FYI, The One is the sister shop for Lao Shan Dong at the corner of Kingsway & Nelson which I’m sure you’ve been to for their TBN (Taiwanese beef noodles).

    The One’s vegetables fried rice is quite good too, as are their beef noodle soups and dumplings. FWIW, their salty & peppery fried chicken nuggets (on its own), a requisite Taiwanese dish, comes nicely crunched, seasoned and with fried basil leaves.

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