Top Shanghai Cuisine – Worst. Service. Ever.

Ok, the thing that you’ve got to know about most Chinese restaurants is that you can’t expect much in terms of service. So when you run into a restaurant which makes all of the other Chinese restaurants look like 5-star contenders, that’s saying a lot.

We came here because we heard that Top Shanghai Cuisine had one of the best xiao long bao in the city. When we arrived for dim sum, it was fairly busy so we were sat at a large shared table… that’s not a big issue for us as we’ve done that at other restaurants too (although I think they really need some more smaller tables here).

For some reason, they only have a Chinese order menu sheet. There is a menu with English translations but the order sheet has no numbers on the menu items so you have to carefully look at the Chinese characters to match it up with the English menu… and, of course, the menu is riddled with mistakes or mistranslations. The waitresses really weren’t much help either. Pretty much, it was a clusterf*** with spilt tea and crammed seating.

Anyways, on with the food… Our xiao long bao were quite small with a tacky wrapper. While the dumplings were juicy on the inside, they didn’t give us any dipping sauce and we were stuck in the back of the tables so we couldn’t flag anyone down. The XLB weren’t bad… but definitely not my favourite. Maybe they would have been better with some vinegar sauce (like all of the other customers got).


We also ordered some Spring Rolls. Again, just like the XLB, these were okay, but came with no dipping sauce. They were also quite a bit oily.


The Daikon Radish Cake isn’t like lo bak go that you get at Cantonese dim sum… these appear to be deep-fried, flaky, and dry with shredded daikon on the inside.


I must admit that the Shanghai Noodles were pretty good and had a nice, toothsome texture.


We finished off our meal with Mui Choy Kau Yuk. The tender pork slices melted in my mouth and was pretty good despite being very light in flavour. I only wish they had more preserved veggies in this dish.


There are some okay dishes here, but I seriously wouldn’t want to go through the horrid service that we had here again… though we actually met a nice Chinese family at our shared table who were visiting from Texas.

5880 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC

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  1. lol….sad, but fairly typical . I try to avoid eating in chinese restaurants, instead i will order ahead and go pick it up myself. Two chinese restaurants in East Van i frequent for take out OR sit in are James on Hastings Chinese Restaurant — 2683 E Hastings, Vancouver. Biggggg menu, lots of variety and very well done dishes…and they give you generous portions for really good pricing.Good service, the owner smiles and asks how areyou/hows the food/nice to see you Etc. Then there is one a few blocks away that is a block away from On Lok with On Lok style food (cheap, edible) but cleaner and very friendly : Penny’s!’s actual Gold Penny Restaurant 2060 E Hastings St, Vancouver. It has been about 3-4 years since i last stepped inside, but when i lived nearby or was coming home from work in North Van, i would pop into Penny’s for a cheap decent lunch or to bring dinner home. One particular chinese middle age woman who was always working her butt off serving/cashier/cleaning up/hustling to earn her pay was one of the nicest , friendliest employee i ever met in any chinese restaurant. Always big smile/greeting and small genuine chit chat. Guess what? always got a tip from me, a little more then i might usually give.Funny, the other day her smiling face popped into my head and i was scouring my mind to think who the heck this face was! And now i just read your bad service experience and i put it together…i think it means i should pop by there for a visit (hopefully she still works there…) and enjoy a meal .

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