Kirin Seafood (Starlight Casino) – Dim Sum Redo

After the horrid clusterf*** that we had at Top Shanghai Cuisine, we felt we needed to redo dim sum so we headed over to Kirin Seafood at Starlight Casino.

Honestly, things didn’t start out well here either. First off, they gave us the wrong menu (with no dim sum on it)… we thought… WTF??? We came all the way here for dim sum and they weren’t serving dim sum?!?! After a rather long wait to flag someone down, we thankfully managed to get a dim sum menu and were on our way.

I love how the tables aren’t too cramped here. For some reason, it took a rather long while for our food to come out… so when it did start to arrive, we gobbled things down really quickly. First up was the BBQ Pork Buns which were pillowy soft.


That was followed by the Chinese Donut Rice Roll topped with pork floss. This has a nice textural contrast from the silky smooth rice roll to the crunchy Chinese donut on the inside.


Dessert came next with a very subtle Pineapple Jelly.


The steamed pork and prawn Siu Mai was a pretty good dumpling dish.


Steamed Beef Balls with water chestnuts.


Sticky Rice wrapped in lotus leaves.


As it was, the service here did improve as our meal progressed. But it was way better than at Top Shanghai.

350 Gifford Street
New Westminster, BC

Kirin Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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