Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House

Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House is a rather non-descript looking Chinese restaurant located on Main Street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. As their website touts… they are known for having inexpensive Chinese cuisine.

When you walk inside this shop, probably the first thing that you notice is all of the specials written in Chinese on the walls. This is very typical of old-school Chinese restaurants… always a good idea to bring someone along who can read or speak Chinese.

Our meal started with their complimentary soup. This is the kind of home-made soup that’s really basic but satisfying on a cold winter day.


If you want to try a bunch of different dishes at a Chinese restaurant, it’s best to come along with a group since the dishes are all served family-style. Here we have a cold lemon tea, shredded pork with vermicelli, diced chicken with cashews, and vegetables with mixed seafood.


And here’s the fried rice and the chicken and mushroom chow mein.


The portion sizes here aren’t huge, but the food’s okay (although I feel they go a bit overboard with the msg). Service is typical for this kind of Chinese restaurant. You’re not going to find anything outrageously good here but it can satisfy a craving.

3163 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Oh, Kwong Chow is totally MSG city. I have to avoid eating there in the past few years because I walk way thirsty, with a mild headache, my throat feels constricted and I feel bloated (yes, us men can say that too) for the rest of the day.

  2. I love this place though… I was born and spent my childhood in Kwong Chow (Guangzhou), so their dishes truly remind me of home. If you order those dishes that you normally find at a food court (like fried rice or chow mein) , you will be disappointed cuz they don’t even cooked those dishes often for the Cantonese folks. Gotta get the specials on the board!! Ostrich is one of their specialties. Or try something like Steamed Oysters or Black Cod in Hot Pot.

    • Yes, many Chinese restaurants will westernize their offering to appease their customers… which only makes sense. Honestly, I don’t really care if a dish is considered “authentic”… I go mainly with how it tastes.

      • I guess we might be writing for different reasons. I try to share my experience on what to get at a particular place to get your money worth it. So if a place specializes in authentic dishes, then those are the better bet. I’m definitely not trying to find best cashew chicken or chicken fried rice among all Chinese restaurants in the city.

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