Magoo’s Burgers (Hawaii 2016) – Passionfruit and Watermelon Shave Ice

It’s been three years since our first hike up Diamond Head. At the time, I told myself that I’d never do it again. But I suppose time does heal all wounds.

The hike isn’t too bad. Sure, the unpaved pathway is a bit uneven, but it’s really the last leg of the hike that gets you. When you reach the top of the first set of stairs, you think… “that wasn’t so bad”. But then they lull you into a sense of calm with the small tunnel and then, BAM! You find yourself at the bottom of a steep 99-step staircase. Then, when you finally reach the top of that big staircase and you expect to be rewarded with panoramic views of Waikiki, you realize that there’s one final spiral staircase before you get into the tiny observation platform.

Sure, the view at the top is really great. On the day we revisited, there was a fading rainbow over Waikiki.


Now, some people may do the Diamond Head hike for the breathtaking view. Some may do it for the exhilarating exercise. Me? I do it for the shave ice at the bottom of the hike. I’ve never tried anything at Magoo’s Burgers other than the shave ice.


This was the passionfruit and watermelon shave ice.


Nothing is as refreshing as a fruity bowl of shave ice after a tiring hike. Take a look at our last visit here.

4204 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI

Magoo's Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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