Linh Café – Brunch

Linh Café is a cute little French/Vietnamese bistro in Kits that occupies the former Café Régalade location. In fact, the current owner, Tai Nguyen, previously worked at both La Régalade (in West Van) and Café Régalade previously – two restaurants that I’ve always been fond of. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Tai also worked at Mistral French Bistro since that was one of our fav French bistros before it closed down.

As I mentioned, this is a small bistro so seating is at a premium… especially at peak brunch hours.

We started out with the Cha Muc – Calamari Cake ($7.50) served with fresh herbs and fish sauce for dipping. The “cakes” were shaped more like meatballs rather than cakes. They had a good texture with a nice char on the exterior of each meatball.


One of my favourite dishes on this visit was the Banh Mi Cay Hai Phong – Spicy Baguette Sticks (3 for $6.95). The baguette sticks are actually on the small size and it’s easy to polish off 3 on your own. The baguettes were super crispy and had a nice amount of heat from the hot sauce that was covering the chicken and pork liver pate and fried shallots.


The Goi Cuon – Salad Roll ($9.50) are made in-house with preserved pork, vermicelli, lettuce, and fresh herbs. They cut them up to make it easier to eat/share… but you could always horde them all for yourself too.


The Cassoulet ($19.95) is quite hearty with duck confit, house-made sausage, pork confit, and white beans. The duck skin was perfectly crispy.


I opted for the Toulouse Breakfast ($13.95) which included 2 poached eggs, white beans, house-made sausage, bacon, and chorizo. I was actually surprised that the Toulouse Breakfast was very similar to the Cassoulet. Unfortunately, there was no yolk porn as they overcooked the eggs. Otherwise, everything else was quite good and I really enjoyed the house-made sausage.


Overall, the food was pretty good… I’m really craving those mini baguette sticks! I think I could eat 6 all by myself.

2836 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Linh Cafe - French Cooking Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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