Flamingo House – New Digs on Marine Drive

Back at the end of 2015, Flamingo closed their doors on their popular Cambie Street location. As with so many places on the Cambie corridor, rising land values had proved too tempting and the owner had sold the property. This left us with a few months of withdrawal from Flamingo House until their new location on Marine Drive was ready.

Taking the place of former Kedah House in a small mini mall at Argyle Street and Marine Drive in early March, this new incarnation of Flamingo House seems a far cry from their former spacious Cambie Street location. The restaurant is shaped like a long, narrow L with the kitchen stretching down a long portion of one side.

We were determined to come visit before we headed out for our trip to Hawaii in April and decided to order their Lobster in Cream Sauce with Egg Noodles ($25/lb + the added cost for the noodles). I truly believe this is the way lobster was meant to be enjoyed. We were originally trying to decide between ordering crab or lobster but the price was pretty much the same and the lobster was easier to eat. The 2.5 lbs of lobster was just perfect for the two of us when combined with the rich cream sauce and the filling egg noodles.


As if we needed any other food… still, we wound up ordering their Seafood and Tofu Hot Pot. Flamingo makes some of the better hot pots that I’ve had and they always have a nice saucy component to them.


For our veggies, we kept it simple and ordered some Gai Lan sautéed with garlic.


We returned a few days later to order their special Shredded Chicken dish with jellyfish, crispy wontons and crunchy pecans. I don’t think this is on their regular menu and it only shows up sometimes on their daily specials menu but it’s quite good. I especially like the different textures that you get with the crunchy pecans, crispy wontons, and tender shredded chicken (not to mention the slightly tart pickled veggies). If you don’t see in on their menu, just ask them for it and they’ll usually accommodate you (sau see gai).


Speaking of their special menu, we found the Pork Meat over Tofu on their special menu this time around. The menu descriptions aren’t that exciting but this dish was very good. The tofu here is in large round pieces and it’s topped with saucy pork, peas, and carrots… perfect for pairing with a big bowl of rice.


Just some standard veggies for the meal.


I mentioned Flamingo House has some good hot pots… this is one of the few Chinese restaurants that we go to that has Oyster Hot Pot and they prepare it perfectly with green onions, onions, and ginger. Nothing fancy… just a lot of plump and juicy oysters.


Lastly, the Taro Duck (this is a half order) served with a light mushroom gravy. You don’t find this dish at many restaurants because it’s a bit time consuming to make. Flamingo House makes the best taro duck in my honest opinion. There’s plenty of duck meat and they do a good job of encasing it in taro paste. The whole thing is fried up giving it a light and crispy texture on top. The real secret is getting the right mix of taro and duck meat in each piece.


Craving some crab, we wound up visiting last month for their special Ginger and Green Onion Sauce version. Price was about $22 per lb. for our 2 1/2lb crab. Since we decided to add some egg noodles to the crab, they made the dish more saucy for us.


Being Asian, one of the first things we did was turn over the shell to see if they had any crab innards. Yes, it’s not good for you… but does that matter? The crab was fresh and meaty and it was fairly easy to separate the meat from the shell.


We ordered the Eggplant, Egg Tofu, and Scallops Hot Pot off of their special menu. Again, another stand out hot pot dish. Make sure you order some rice or noodles to go along with the sauce.


Last up, we ordered the Green Beans with Pork stir-fried in a spicy sauce. If you like spicy green beans, you’ll be pleased with this dish.


So, there you have it… the food’s as good as their old location. The only concern is the small space and limited parking. As it turns out, this location might be temporary since it’s too small for their usual clientelle.

1652 SE Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC


Flamingo House 紅鶴酒家 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. You’re the first to blog review about them at their new digs (which, having been the former Kedah House space, it must be pretty humble and small compared to their original location).

    We haven’t been to FH in ages, at least 8 years. They still had dim sum on carts IIRC. Hope they survive at the new location, which is far from pedestrian-friendly.

    • Call me old fashioned, but I actually like the fact that the servers wear those colourful Chinese uniforms. Last time we were there, they said this location might be temporary because, like you said, it’s a pretty small space.

      Haven’t had dim sum in the new location so not sure if they still use carts. I remember the carts at the other location but I always preferred their dinner over their dim sum.

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