Fresh Ideas Start Here – Spot Prawns

After zipping around town looking for spot prawns a couple of weeks ago, we wound up at F.I.S.H. (Fresh Ideas Start Here) down in Market Crossing. I’m not sure why we didn’t come here sooner because we’ve been picking up fresh sushi here for years.

At the time, the price for spot prawns was $20 per pound and they had a pretty good supply.


These prawns were huge! Apparently, we’ve been eating spot prawns wrong for years. Usually, we just rip the head off, suck out the juices, and then deshell the body to get to the meaty parts. The problem with this is that you wind up losing some of the meat in the head piece. If you want to maximize the amount of shrimp meat, don’t twist the head off.

Stick your finger behind the top of the carapace (this is the head section) and simply pull upwards. This will remove the top part of the shell covering the head, leaving the meaty portion of the head intact. Then pull down on bottom portion of the carapace to reveal the entire head portion still in place. Remove the rest of the shell of the body as normal and you wind up with a completely deshelled prawn without a fuss.


F.I.S.H. has a lot of other great seafood items like the smoked salmon spread and fresh sushi/sashimi.

180-7515 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC

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  1. There is a good video on YouTube demonstrating the prawn peeling technique that you have just described:

    • Yes! That’s exactly what I meant… it’s so much easier. I used to wind up having shrimp juice everywhere when I twisted the heads off before. If I had only known years ago, lol!

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