Wei Dao Cafe – Spotty Service

Wei Dao Cafe is a Taiwanese cafe in Burnaby that, until recently, I never knew existed. I drive by it everyday but, because the restaurant is located in the back of a tiny mini mall (the same area as Potter’s Garden), you really don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it.

The restaurant has layout in the shape of an “L” and it feels quite spacious (especially towards the back of the restaurant). However, the decor (or lack thereof) is rather uninspired. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a seat by the window but this place gets busy during the lunch hour rush so you have to show up early.


They have a number of lunch specials here but you have to look out for all of the add-ons as things can start getting more expensive. On my first visit, I had the Pork Belly with Special Sauce on Rice ($8.50 lunch special + $2 for an added bubble waffle). The dish arrived with a decidedly spicy aroma and was served with cabbage, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and garlic. The thin and fatty pork slices were pretty tender.


The bubble waffle was okay… crisp on the outside and a bit soft on the inside. I remember thinking to myself that the service was spotty depending on which server was helping you.


I came back a couple of weeks later to try out some of the rest of their menu items. We picked the Passion Fruit Slush ($4.95) and the Honeydew Cold Milk Tea ($3.95). These were fairly refreshing given how hot it was outside.


The Deep Fried Squid Tentacles ($6.95) were exactly what we had envisioned. There were plenty of tentacles but they were a bit difficult to eat given the size.


The Unagi and Shrimp Roe Fried Rice ($11.95) actually didn’t have much unagi in it (they were fairly small pieces) but it was pretty good nonetheless.


The Kimchi Tofu Hotpot ($11.95) was really good. It was composed of tofu, spam, mushrooms, cabbage, clear noodles, and quail eggs and had a spicy broth.


The following month, I found myself in the area again and finally got sat by the window. This time I ordered the pan fried beef with rice noodles. I feel like the green onions weren’t fully cooked as they were still a bit hard.


Things to keep in mind… service really depends on who you get. I’ve had one server that was very friendly and others that made you grimace. They also charge you if you want a takeout container. I wanted to take my bubble waffle to go but they charged me for the small paper bag. I thought it was a little bit silly but I didn’t complain. The waitress must get questioned on this a lot and (without a word from me) she came back with the menu and pointed to the fine print on the bottom that says they charge for take out containers if you order their lunch special.

5595 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC


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