Gelato Express (Deep Cove) – Mango Gelato

There’s no hiding the fact that Deep Cove is a very touristy spot.

20160622_135556This little nook sees countless droves of people and cars jostling for spots during the summertime. While we tend to avoid busy tourist spots where possible, we wanted to try out the Quarry Rock hike during our June staycation and arrived mid-week. While somewhat more subdued than on weekends, it was still very busy.

After our arduous trek up and down the trail (yes, I know they rate this hike as “easy”) and after refueling with lunch, we decided to stroll around the very small Deep Cove area with some ice cream.

We wound up heading over to Gelato Express which is located on Gallant Avenue, the main street in Deep Cove. For some reason, I have memories of visiting Gelato Express years earlier but it was located on the other side of the street. Maybe it was a different store or maybe I’m just getting too old.

In either case, I wound up getting a mango gelato in a waffle cone for about $5. The gelato was super creamy and rich and a delightful treat after our hike. They also have a good selection of sorbet to choose from.

Is it me or do all ice cream shops have a gigantic ice cream statue outside their store.

4379 Gallant Avenue
North Vancouver, BC

Gelato Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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