James on Hastings – Dry Fried Curry Dungeness Crab

Back in June, we were feeling the craving for some tasty crab so we headed over to James on Hastings… a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant on (you guessed it) Hastings Street.

Service here is a bit spotty and tends to be on the slow side. First up was the complimentary soup. We had also ordered some Cold Lemon Tea but it seemed to take forever for them to come out. We weren’t sure if they forgot them.


About half an hour later, our food started to arrive at the table.


This was the reason for coming here… their signature Dry Fried Curry Dungeness Crab. The crab was about 2.5 lbs and fairly meaty. I enjoyed the dry spiciness of the dish… as well as the innards under the shell. The only drawback is that my fingers were yellow for a couple of days afterwards and I couldn’t wash it off.


We also had the two course Peking Duck (lettuce wrap not shown). I was disappointed that the chips were so oily and, because they were sitting in oil, they wound up turning soggy. Nothing ruins Peking Duck like soggy shrimp chips.


We needed some veggies and ordered the Pea Tips stir-fried in garlic. Like the shrimp chips, the pea tips were sitting in quite a bit of oil.


For dessert, they brought out a slightly sweet tong sui with yam chunks. It was surprisingly good and I liked having something other than usual red bean soup.


If you come here, make sure you try their dry fried curry dungeness crab but don’t be surprised if your fingers smell of curry for the next few days.

2683 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. bruno antonio ariganello

    James on Hastings is to me, a very good chinese restaurant, one of the best in East Van for sure. I go very often for pickup orders (i have eaten there inside only twice) and i found the service to be very decent, the inside of the restaurant itself very pleasant and clean and James himself plus his wait staff are better then average for a chinese restaurant. The menu itself is huge with lots of variations. This little hole in the wall is pretty popular place as it is often verry very busy inside with customers and the shared parking lot out front is tiny/fills up very fast with your only other choice is to luck out and park on Hastings or the side streets nearby. I drive to pick up my order at James from my home near 29th and Rupert street area (East Van) which is about a 5-10 minute drive after 7 pm when i could easily drive only 1 minute to kingsway (from Joyce to Knight street ) and have my pick of 50 chinese restaurants . Why ? because i enjoy the food and service at James and his friendliness on the phone when i ask if i can change up my order or what his opinion is of a dish he offers. Those little things make for a far better dining experience.

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