Quik Bite: Filipino Take-Out

What happens when you plan on going to try a new food establishment and only find out that they’re closed for some reason or another? Well, it happens to me a lot. I was on my way to try out the new Goldilocks location in North Fraserway but was dismayed that they were closed (their door was locked, no sign, nothing…) I tried calling their phone number but no one picked up. I later found out that they were closed for inventory and training (word of advice: put a sign up, put it on your Facebook page, website, etc…). Anyhoo… that’s how I ended up at Quik Bite for lunch… I needed a quick bite.

I’ve been to this Quik Bite location in the past… they serve up a mix of Filipino and western food (check out my last post here). As it was late August when I visited, I expected it to be slow since the nearby high school was closed for summer vacation.

When I entered the shop, it looked like they had some kind of family/friend event going on and they had taken up most of the indoor seating. Still hungry, I decided to order a combo with shredded pork and onions as well as what they called “pork steak”. The slices of pork steak had some fatty parts to it like pork belly and the meat was attached to (I’m assuming) some rib tips. I was actually quite pleased with this meal as the pork was fairly tender and the shredded pork had a slight kick to it.


This place seems more geared to take-out food as there’s not a lot of seating inside. Service was pretty spotty on this occasion too as I felt like I was intruding on a private party (but then they probably shouldn’t have had the big OPEN sign on if they didn’t want strangers party crashing).

5236 Rumble Street
Burnaby, BC

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  1. I was there maybe earlier this summer. Had a lunch with rice and 2 side dishes (which I can’t recall now). Food was re-warmed in microwave 😦 for me. I was the only customer and the lady, while cordial, wasn’t overly friendly in service. I left feeling meh about the place and their food (like I said, I can’t remember what I ate which is a bad sign …. ‘cuz I ALWAYS remember what I order and eat).

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t ever recall having a superlative experience at *any* Filipino restaurant, whether it’s food, ambiance, service or value. The *better* one I recall having been at in the past 2 years was Kumare in Richmond.

    • I might have been “fortunate” because I think the food that they had prepared was for their friends who were having a party there, lol

    • it’s ironic about the lack of service as majority of filipino/a’s are all smiley and friendly. I have tried only a half dozen filipino restaurants (most are gone) and a few seem like dives (Fraser street around 26-27th) with not much to offer or stale looking , warmed over dishes. Not saying they are racists, but some of these places feel like you just walked into a family get together and a ”couldnt be bothered with you outsider” attitude. Shame, because they do have a few tasty dishes now and then.

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