Come Along Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum Revisit

Come along with us for a revist to Come Along Seafood Restaurant for some tasty dim sum dishes. This restaurant is pretty solid for Chinese food, which explains why they always seem busy.

As with many Chinese restaurants, our first dim sum dish to arrive was dessert! I guess it makes sense to them since the Mango Pudding is pre-made.


We were fortunate that they found a table for us since it was so busy. One of the benefits of being just the two of us is they can usually squeeze us into a little table. Of course, once all of the dishes started to arrive, the table got pretty full.


The Steamed BBQ Pork Buns weren’t bad… what’s not to love about pillowy soft pockets filled with bbq pork?


Some people might be a bit squeamish about offal such as Steamed Beef Omasum but you really shouldn’t be because the flavour is actually quite mild.


One of the dishes that I didn’t enjoy very much was the Steamed Pork Spare Ribs because the pieces were cut into pieces that were too large.


You can’t have dim sum without ordering a steamed dumpling like Siu Mai… these were quite large.


One of my favourite dim sum dishes is the Chinese Donut Rice Roll because I love the play on textures with the crunchy Chinese donut inside wrapped up with the velvety rice roll wrapper.


We also decided to order some noodles. We’ve had vermicelli with duck before but never presented like this. The top of the dish was covered with a thin layer of fried vermicelli. Underneath, was a mix of vermicelli, shredded duck, and veggies. Once you mix everything together, you get a mix of the crispy noodles with the saucy noodles.


Tables are a bit cramped in here so be forewarned.

2550 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

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