McDonald’s Ginza Store Inns (Tokyo 2016): McNuggets and Melon Fanta

After a long day of walking through Chūō (from Tsukiji to Ginza), we were desperately seeking some rest and nourishment when we came across a familiar sight… the Golden Arches of McDonald’s!

I know that it’s not very exciting for some people to eat at McDonald’s but sometimes you just need something quick, easy, and familiar to get you through the day. While McDonald’s in Japan does offer some special local variations in their menu, I was just looking for some McNuggets.

This meal with McNuggets and a green melon Fanta came out to ¥420 (just under $5 CAD). I think melon Fanta must be popular in Japan because I wound up ordering it at a bunch of places.


Ordering wasn’t too much of a problem as they have a menu on the counter that you can just point at. Nothing spectacular here… just enough nourishment to get you going again.

1-1-2 Ginza Nishi
Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to 104-0061


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