St. Marc Café (Tokyo 2016): Chococro

St. Marc Café is a popular chain bakery in Japan but you might be more familiar with the name of their signature chocolate croissant known as a “chococro”.
We were fortunate enough to have one of these bakeries near our hotel so we stopped by here for breakfast on a couple of occasions. As is typical with Asian bakeries, the pastries aren’t like the pastries that you find at western-style bakeries… they tend to have more savory options.


Take, for example, this egg danish. St. Marc has a number of different pastry items like this that helps to get you through the morning.


Their signature chococro comes in these orange triangular sleeves which makes it easy to pick up and eat. Their chococros are really good… buttery and flaky with chocolate stuffed in the middle. Seriously… who could ask for anything more?


On another visit, we tried their ham sandwich with a hot milk tea and another one of their egg danish.


You can find St. Marc Cafés in many parts of Japan… just look for their Chococro signs.

2-9-2 Misakichō
Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0061
3 min walk to the Suidobashi Station

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