Curry House CoCo Ichibanya – Shibuya (Tokyo 2016): Japanese Curry

One of the best meals that I had in Japan was when we came across this curry house while we were in Shibuya. Curry House Coco Ichibanya is a popular chain that’s been around since 1978.
If you’ve never had Japanese-style curry before, you have to understand that this isn’t like any other curry out there. It’s not a spicy as an Indian or Thai-style curry and it’s so much more flavourful than Chinese-style curry.

At some of their locations, they even let you customize your curry dishes. I was planning on doing that but the waitress said they don’t offer it here.


Instead, we wound up ordering something from their special Autumn menu… the Chicken Meatball with Chicken Gristle and Root Vegetable Curry (¥820). I know that “gristle” (cartilage) doesn’t sound very appetizing but I think it loses something in the translation. The chicken meatballs in this dish were tender and juicy.


The Soft Boiled Egg and Chicken Meatball Curry with Chicken Gristle (¥792) was soooo good! In this dish, the chicken meatball patty was shaped like a large “O” with a hole in the middle that the soft-boiled egg was sitting in. Upon poking the egg, it burst open with a beautifully golden yolk. Now that’s what I call yolk porn!


While the chicken meatball patty was very good, the real standout is the curry sauce. It’s not overly spicy and almost more like gravy than anything else. We were so stuffed from eating the curry here but the sauce goes so well with rice that you just want to keep eating more and more. I swear, I could drink this curry sauce just by itself and be happy.

Udagawachō, 24−10, 横田ビル1F
Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0042
5 min walk from Shibuya Station


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  1. The presentation of the curry looks even better. I never heard of the meatball curry when I was working there but maybe because it was December, I just never tried it!

    There is so much that I particularly love of this chain bringing to my second favourite food. The curry house definitely upped the quality and expectation of Japanese curry in my opinion with not just the customisation but also the spice.

    It’s probably one of the three spiciest places I went to in Japan quite frequently when I lived there. I myself love CoCo Ichibanya so much that I am doing a world tour by going to branches around the world. Hope you can check out and comment on my first stop to several Japan branches:

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