Cafe Blanket (Tokyo 2016): Snoopy Museum

The Snoopy Museum in Tokyo was one of the places that we wanted to check out during our trip. Many years ago, we visited Santa Rosa (where Charles Schultz lived) and visited the precursor to the original Snoopy Museum.

The Snoopy Museum in Tokyo is located in Roppongi, a district in the Minato ward of Tokyo. There’s really much else around the Snoopy Museum so we made a special trip out to see the place. After our tour of the museum, we decided to grab a bite at Cafe Blanket, a Peanuts-themed restaurant named after Linus’s blue security blanket. The food options here are quite limited and are more westernized than you’d expect to see in Japan.

20161119_121646 20161119_121701 20161119_121712

Since we were visiting in late November, their menu and decorations were geared mainly toward a Christmas theme. There’s a large communal table in the middle of the cafe which is surrounded by a number of small tables around it.


The wait to get into the cafe was a bit long but the lineup moved along nicely… mainly since the limited menu meant that they were able to efficiently deliver the food to patrons.


Foodwise, there’s nothing really special here. The main kicker is that everything is Peanuts-themed so if you’re a Peanuts or Snoopy fan, you’ll probably enjoy yourself here.


We wound up ordering a Linus Soda and Mango Charlie Brown drink (both ¥880). The Linus Soda was an apple-flavoured ginger ale with mixed berries and rosemary. The bright red colour lent itself well for the Christmas menu. Meanwhile, the Mango Charlie Brown had mango juice inside a tall glass with chocolate sauce used to represent Charlie Brown’s signature zig zag shirt.

20161119_123130 20161119_124138

For our lunch, we had the Snoopy Christmas Pancake (¥1280 or ¥1580 with drink) which was topped with white chocolate to resemble snow on the whole wheat pancakes as well as berry sauce and a meringue cookie shaped like a Christmas tree. Only two of the pancakes actually had a Peanuts-theme baked into the top of the pancake… the rest were just regular pancakes.


The Warm Puppy Select (¥1530 or ¥1780 with a drink) is served with cheddar cheese, red cabbage marinade, grated carrots, onions, and pickled cucumber. It also came with some corn dogs with peanut butter dipping sauce and fries. The whole meal came served inside a dog bowl so you can feel like you’re Snoopy getting your meal from Charlie Brown.


In truth, the food was just okay (although I did quite enjoy the drinks) but if you’re a big Snoopy or Peanuts fan, you won’t care.

Roppongi 5-6-20
Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 106-0032
7 min walk from Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station

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