Udon No Shikoku (Tokyo 2016): Shibuya Tokyu Department Store

It seems like inside every department store in Japan, you can find a lot of food options… typically, the basement floors have the deli and fast food options while restaurants are located on the higher floors.
After a busy day at Odaiba, we found ourselves back in Shibuya looking for some dinner options. We didn’t feel like wandering about looking for restaurants outside the busy station so we went up to the restaurants located on the 9th floor of this department store and found Udon No Shikoku. Shikoku is an island of Japan that is known for their square-shaped and flat-edged sanuki udon noodles. We first fell in love with sanuki udon when we visited Marukame Udon in Hawaii.


Outside this restaurant, like many restaurants in Japan, they have plastic models of the food displayed to assist patrons in deciding what to order.


While they did have an English menu, their specials weren’t on the English menu so we just used the pictures on the Japanese menu as our guide.

20161119_194417 20161119_194141

This was one of the items on their special winter menu for ¥1500 – pan-fried udon noodles in soup with cabbage, enoki mushrooms, prawn tempura. It was accompanied with sticky rice and pickled veggies as a side.


I ordered the black pig and burdock udon which was also served with a bowl of sticky rice and pickled veggies. Unfortunately, there was no yolk porn in this udon as the egg was cooked harder than I prefer.


Once you add the veggies and seasonings, this udon really kicks it in gear. The pork is thinly sliced and tender and the udon noodles are toothsome to the bite.


Overall, a good chain restaurant option for udon.

2-24-1 Tokyu Department Store 9F
Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0002
9th Floor of Shibuya Station



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