Sushi Dragon: Surprisingly Good Take-Out

While running errands back in October, we were looking for something quick and tasty to eat around the Broadway area. Since there is an overabundance of sushi places in Vancouver, we decided to try Sushi Dragon.

This restaurant is rather narrow but the large mirrors on the left wall makes the place feel bigger than it really is. It seemed like they cater mostly to take-out orders as we saw a lot of people coming in to pick up their orders while we waited for our food.

The Beef Teriyaki ($6.50) was pretty good and at a relatively fair price. The thin slices of beef were covered in a nice sauce.


The House Special Roll ($5.50) had tuna, salmon, scallop and fake crab on the inside and was topped with tobiko.


The Assorted Sashimi ($12.50) came with hokkigai (surf clam), tai (sea bream) which was beautifully delicate, toro (fatty tuna), salmon, and tuna. Overall, the sashimi was pretty good with a nice, clean finish.


Last up was some nigiri: Toro ($1.75), Unagi ($1.75), Tamago ($1.35), Ikura ($1.75), Chopped Scallop ($1.50). The only negative that I have to say for the nigiri was that the nori was a bit tough.


I was actually surprised at how good the food was at this small little take-out shop.

614 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Sushi Dragon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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